Applying for Teach English Abroad Jobs

It sounds pretty obvious, but to teach English abroad you will need to conduct an organised campaign. Have all your information to hand, just as you would for any other job. If you are posting out letters have at hand copies of your resume, cover letters, passport photos, photocopies of your qualifications/certificates as well as stamps and envelopes. If you intend using email organise folders on your PC. Get scans of documents and photos if you don’t already have them.

All teach English abroad applications, whether speculative or in response to an advertisement, need to contain an introduction, which is a cover letter either in letter or email form at, and a resume. It may be tempting to make a template and use it for most of your applications. This will likely just produce a large number of ineffective applications. Each needs to meet the requirements of the specific job, whether it be advertised or not. Visit the employer’s website, see what they do, the courses and classes they offer and think about the profile they are looking for in an ideal candidate.

Teach English Abroad Jobs
Make sure you keep records of all the applications you make, both direct and to other organisations like recruitment agencies, in order to coordinate follow-up letters and phone calls later. Register the date sent as well as the contact person if there was one, and any follow-up or response. It can be easy to confuse the names of different schools and staff, particularly when teaching English abroad as you will be dealing with a foreign language. Keep all the info in one place, a log book or Excel file on your pc.

Check and double check anything you write and/or get someone else to check it. When sending out a number of similar emails or letters it is easy to make silly errors. More than in other lines of work, poor grammar, misspellings and typos need to be avoided like the plague.

Make certain you clearly specify the date you can start. One of the first things anyone reading an application for a teach English abroad job will check is availability. Also make sure you state the minimum time you are likely to stay. Putting your availability as being less than 10 months may damage your chances.

If you have arrived and are looking for teach English abroad work, get a cellphone/mobile. Not only will you be able to respond to calls immediately, it will show you are organised and easily contactable, two things which are very important to any employer. It is well worth making follow-up enquiries, especially if you applied from home and have now relocated. It is essential to update any phone and address details and make it known that you are available for interview immediately or give a date on which you will be.