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Why Should I Get an Associates Degree?

An associate degree is a type of academic degree that precedes a bachelor’s degree in some universities.  While the associates degree is the “lowest” degree you can earn from college, it still brings with it a number of benefits.

One of the greatest benefits of earning an associates degree is the fact that it is often enough to get your foot in the door of a new career.  If you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree after earning an associates degree, you might choose to take on a position in the field while going to school.  Working in the field while going to school to learn more can be a highly valuable experience as you bring knowledge from being “out on the field” into the classroom. There are also many certification and training courses available that you could take while working, such as online tafe business courses.

Associates Degree

Earning an associates degree can also help put more money in your pocket.  On average, a person with an associates degree earns $8,000 more per year than a person with only a high school diploma.  In addition, you will be more attractive to potential employers that are faced with choosing someone with just a high school diploma versus someone that has earned an associates degree and has a higher level of knowledge.

Pursuing an associates degree also provides you with a certain amount of flexibility.  In many cases, you do not even have to determine a major in order to earn an associates degree.  Therefore, you can take the first couple years of schooling to determine what it is that you would really like to pursue.

If you were in the military for at least four years and have passed the 5 General CLEP exams, earning an associates degree often requires taking only a few additional courses.  Therefore, going for your associates degree after completing your tour with the military can be a wise and money-saving decision.

Staying Focused in School – A Challenge Worth Looking Into

Are you thinking about ways to really stay focused while you’re working hard at school? You’ve come to the right guide. Let’s get into the finer details here so you can get back to work.

Procrastination is something we do when we’re unsure of what needs to be done. We know what to do, but we’re just unsure that we have a way of taking care of things that lets us actually handle the task effectively. Don’t get discouraged though — there are ways to beat procrastination. For example, if you have a detailed battle plan, you just can’t fail. You can’t get caught up in drama. You can’t get caught up in what other people want. If it doesn’t match your agenda, then it just doesn’t matter, now does it? You get to always figure out which direction you’re going to honestly go into. You might be tempted to go without a strong plan. This is a mistake. Procrastination is something that will eat up your dreams if you let it. You have to think — do you really want to lose a whole day trying to figure out how to make up for shortcomings, or do you really want to make sure that you’re going to be actually getting things done. The choice is honesty up to you. It doesn’t really affect anyone but you if you don’t meet your goals.

You might be used to teachers that hover over you and remind you that work hasn’t been turned in. Don’t get used to this. If you graduate and go to college, you’ll find many teachers that aren’t concerned in the slightest if you don’t turn in any work. This just means that you aren’t taking the class seriously. They have the power to actually drop these students from the registry. That can cost you scholarships and even actual money to take classes with from other sources. Even if you have student loans, they may have their terms changed if you can’t maintain attendance and grades properly.

Having a plan is the key to staying focused. Yes, there will be subjects that you’re not really into. That’s perfectly fine. You’re going to find that not everyone gets worked up about learning the same wars over and over again. But school isn’t where you’re entertained. You sometimes have to play the game in order to keep moving forward. If you can’t play the game, then school is going to be a rough place for you. (more…)

Have Confidence – School Isn’t That Hard!

If you’re thinking about a big change that you need to make in 2013, here’s one for you: it’s time to go back to school. Even though the news media outlets are talking about how college is getting harder and harder to be obtained, the reality is that it doesn’t have to be that way. A lot of the rising costs of college are for traditional college and universities. What about when you’re really trying to get things done with your life and you don’t have time to wait. You need to think about going to an online college. This means that you will be setting your own schedule and running the show for yourself. Employers aren’t judgmental — you’ll be able to still compete well in the job market. You just have to make sure that you’re not giving up on yourself.

The truth is that going back to school can open up big doors. Even if you don’t plan to leave your current job, you’re sending the message that you’re not afraid to spend good money to educate yourself all over again. That’s something that can definitely make a difference. If you are going up for a promotion against someone that doesn’t have any type of extra training, you could end up beating them for the position that you really want. It’s going to be up to you to really make things happen. You can’t just get discouraged — that just wouldn’t be right at all. You’re better off making sure that you can focus carefully on the type of life that you want. Yes, this is a concept that bears repeating. SO many people end up trying to go to college for all of the wrong reasons. You’re better off making sure that you’re really focused on getting things done. There’s nothing wrong with making sure that you are going to be able to handle things in the right context. You just need to make sure that you are truly going to be able to get things done in a big way — why not start now?

Here’s what you need to do — you need to go online and read review about online colleges. You have to also think about the type of courses that you really want to take. Some colleges will be better than others based on what your actual field is. Keep in mind that if you’re going more or less for a vocational career, you need to find a vocational college that can accommodate you. Your local community college will most likely be the most inexpensive for this type of thing. You just need to explore it for yourself.

Don’t forget that you can indeed get loans for higher education. You will need to step back and make sure that you really are committed. It’s harder to go back to school when you’re an adult. There’s a lot more responsibilities on your plate. That can be really hard to deal with until you realize that you’re working for something greater. Sure, you might not be able to go see your friends, but you will be able to go build something that could easily make your friends envious. What will you do? If anyone has the power to change your life, it’s definitely you! Good luck!

Getting Your Business Degree Can Open Doors in a Troubled Economy

Are you looking at exploring new opportunities in the workforce? These days, unless you have your degree there’s very little chance that you’ll ultimately get where you’re going. Now, that isn’t to say that you won’t get hired somewhere. But you probably have your eyes set on higher goals than just getting in the door. Indeed, you want to have promotions and have more responsibility pulled in your direction. That’s how regular people make their mark on larger companies. You just need to believe that it’s possible.

You want to be able to start out with the right foundation. In our opinion, that is definitely getting a good degree. You might be a bit unsure on what to actually study that would crossover well into the business world. If you really want to have the broadest range of knowledge in the world of business, then you need to look at getting a business management BSc degree. It’s going to give you the skills of managing a team within the business world, as well as enough general knowledge that you will come off as a person willing to learn more, experiment with things and become better in general. What could be better than that?

You need to really think about all of the choices that you have on the table rather than feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels. Business management will give you the knowledge that you’re looking for, and the university expensive isn’t one to be easily overlooked. Instead of trying to learn on your own, you’re actually going to be part of a community. That’s worth something, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be better to really make sure that you’re going to have all of the resources in the world to mark a true mark on the world? You would be amazed at the connections you’ll make while in school. From professors to future business leaders, everyone has a seat at the table — they’re just waiting for you to join them.

You might feel that it’s “too late” to get your business degree. There’s no reason to feel that way at all. In fact, if you’re a non-traditional student you may find that you finally have the chance to slow down and really concentrate on your education. Check it out today!

Finding Higher Education While Learning English

Being a foreign national living in the United States can be very challenging, especially if English isn’t your native language. Continuing your education in English is going to be tough, as you’ll be slowly acquiring the skills needed to speak and read enough basic English just to get by. It’s going to be hard to imagine yourself continuing your education and obtaining a professional degree if you’re still in the process of learning English, but it can be done!

Studying Online

One of the best solutions for those that want to continue their higher education while learning English is enrolling themselves in online courses. When you study online, the material that you need to study is sent to you in a digital format. You can use a wide variety of translation software on your computer to help you understand the material that you’re studying, and it will make it easier for you to continue your education.

The best thing about these online universities and higher education courses is that you can study at your own pace. You will be able to go as fast or as slow as you want, which means that you can take your time to really go over the material in detail to be sure that you understand everything you’re reading. For those who are learning English, being able to go at your pace is a huge asset.

Sanford Brown Institute is one online university that will allow you to take courses, and it’s one of the best online schools for those in the healthcare industry. Penn Foster is a career school that will allow you obtain a degree in a wide range of industries, and there are many more colleges that will allow for online study. Looking into these online schools will be the best way to find a course that you can study at your own pace. (more…)

A Laptop Gives You The Power to Study Anywhere

If you’re trying to increase your chances of success a student, you need a laptop. No, we’re not going to say that it’s nice to have. That’s only capturing half the needs here. You absolutely should go out of your way to make sure that you get a laptop. Even a small textbook would be better than being tied to a desktop. Yes, we’re that serious about laptops. It’s that essential to the education experience. So if you’re going to do anything with learning, you need a laptop. Now that we’ve made our over the top statement, it’s highly likely that we need to explain ourselves, right?


You see, learning has changed since we’ve been in school. There was a time where desktops were all you had — and some of our parents and grandparents haven’t even needed a computer at all. They existed in a world without this technology. But what you will find with a laptop is that the classroom becomes mobile. You get to pretty much go anywhere, do anything, and still catch up on everything that you’ve learned in school. If you’re struggling with a subject but you just can’t seem to find anyone that’s willing to tutor you, there’s no reason that you have to deal with it. You can always go and get what you really want, without any stress or worry. There are literally millions of websites waiting for you. If you were stuck on a desktop, you really can’t drag it around with you. You’re tied to any spot that the desktop is located. This is really going to slow you down, but it’s not going to have to be that way unless you allow it to be.

A laptop has wireless by default, and there’s a world of hotspots available. There are even sites that list which wireless free spots are available to you within a city. Many cities are even rolling out free Wi-Fi in public places, like parks and even downtown squares, so that people can sit for a while and check on the things that matter to them.

It’s going to be completely up to you to decide which laptop will work best for your education. But if you really want some tips, we do have some to consider when it comes time to buy a laptop.

First and foremost, price is not everything. Don’t get sucked into buying a laptop just because it happens to have a lot of features. You will not need nearly as many features as you think you do. It’s time to really think about and consider the power that comes from being able to be as mobile as possible. Do you have to write a lot of essays? If so, you will definitely want a bright screen. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a large screen. As tempting as it is to get the largest screen possible, you still have to realize that you’re going to need to make sure that you can get good battery life. If you’re traveling a lot, you cannot assume that you’re going to be able to get an outlet everywhere you go. There’s just no way to make that happen.

So what you need to do instead if think about getting a laptop with as much battery life as possible. That really changes the game, doesn’t it?

There is great power in having a laptop for your education. But if you don’t reach out and claim it, where will you honestly go? You have to think about getting everything sorted out properly before you do anything. That will make the best outcome much more likely. Just going online and getting any laptop that really looks good isn’t a wise idea. You’re always going to fail under those terms. It’s much easier — and wiser from every corner — to think about the setup in a much larger way. Good luck!

Finding the Courage to Talk One on One With Your Teacher

Are you looking for the courage to talk to your teacher? Relax — everyone has been there at one point or another during their educational lives. You just have to realize that the teacher is there to help you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school or college or even middle school. You need to ensure that you’re thinking about your education first and foremost.

Does this mean that it’s always easy to pull this off? Not at all. Some people feel nervous talking to the teacher because they don’t want it to get back to their friends. Others feel nervous because they really don’t want to let anyone know that they’re struggling in a subject. We think that we’re getting over on the teacher if we just don’t have a lot of one on one time with them. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. The teacher will know if you’re falling behind in a subject.

The big secret that we can let you in on? They definitely want to help you! They aren’t judging you — the only time where they might make an opinion is if you are truly struggling in a subject and you don’t go to get help. Tutoring is available at all grade levels for a reason. There’s never a reason to feel like you have to struggle and strain when you have your entire future ahead of you.

Being a good student is more than just coming to class every day. It’s about building a working relationship with your teacher. You definitely don’t want to think that it’s impossible to get ahead in class, right? Absolutely!

This is why it’s so critical to being the relationship early. The easiest way to make this happen is just to talk to them about everything that’s on your mind. That’s right — you should just be open and honest about all of it. It’s easy to think that they’re going to make fun of you, but you have to think about what they’re actually there to do.

Don’t ever think that people are automatically out to get you. That’s just isn’t going to be the case at all. You just need to believe in the goodness of other people. They might steer you wrong here and there, but teachers live for questions. You have to think about it from the right perspective. Doesn’t it make more sense to assume the best out of people? If you just assume that everyone is going to hurt you, then you’re always going to have your defenses up.

It is a great time to see when your teacher is available to you for a quick one on one session. Remember that you don’t have to make this a long drawn out affair. It can start out slow and become incredible later. Good luck!

Figuring Out Whether or Not To Live on Campus

If you’re thinking about whether or not you should live on campus, you’re in for a wild ride. You see, this isn’t something that has a definite “yes” or a definite “no” here. It’s all about what you make of it, how much money you have to spend, and where you will personally gain the best benefits. Some people thrive when they live on campus, while others get directed. Some people do better off campus, but others feel lonely and isolated. It just depends on the type of person that you are.

Keep in mind that at most universities, you will be expected to spend at least the first year on campus, unless you know of a relative that lives in the same city that you do. Getting permission to live off campus your first year is difficult, because they really want to encourage you to stay the course. In college terms, this means bonding and blending in with students that live on campus with you. It’s going to encourage you to attend class, because who really wants to end up getting behind on all of their classes just because they aren’t focusing the way they’re supposed to.

Still, it’s not an easy decision. You might want to stay off campus because of the lower cost of residency, but is that really going to keep you out of a lot of social activity? it’s not like you’re going to actually be barred from doing what you need to do, but the fact remains: you’re really going to need to ensure that you’re thinking carefully about anything and everything that can get you closer to the real finish line here. This means that going to events designed to expose you to key power players.

College is all about networking, which makes the on campus option a lot more likely to lead to your success. If you do decide to stay off campus, you’re going to need to think about how that decision impacts your choices. You can’t just expect everything to line up just because you’re making some decisions right. Always have an action plan if you’re really going to take this direction seriously.

What else would you be doing if you didn’t live on campus? Would you really have all of the resources you need? Sometimes when we don’t live right on the campus, we don’t reach for the things that we naturally need when we actually need them. You might procrastinate a lot more if you don’t live on campus.

Now, this isn’t to force you to go on campus when you really have other ideas for your life. It’s just to let you know that yes, you do have some options. Don’t get sucked into advertisements, because the college really does rely on a lot of housing costs to add to their monthly and yearly numbers. If you feel that’s the best environment for you, then you definitely want to check that out for yourself. On the other hand, if you would be much more comfortable looking at going off campus, then that’s what you should do. Good luck!