Don’t Skip Over Movies in English

Movies are an experience all to themselves. The more that you look into movies, the more that you are actually going to expand your English. That might sound odd, since movies are more about what’s going on screen than what’s being said. However, the two join forces to actually build the experience. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture around the English language, movies help you do that.

We’re not just talking about American movies, either. Australian, Canadian, and British movies also make a difference. It’s completely up to you to figure out how you will proceed in getting something done, but if you’ve been looking for something else that you can add to your experience, movies would definitely be it.

Obviously, not all movies will be created equal. You want to go with movies that have plenty if action to keep things moving, but you also want to have some dialogue. This will help you get into the characters better, so you know what they’re thinking and even feeling through the words.

If you want to use subtitles when you’re first starting out, that’s fine. However, you want to progress to a point where you don’t have to use subtitles at all. This will mean that you have no need of the “crutch” of subtitles. Keep in mind also that this will expand the amount of movies that you can watch. Unless you have a native language that has a common subtitle system (like Spanish, French, or even German), you may not have a lot of support for your native language in the movie world. That can end up with you missing out on a lot of great movies.

Many foreign-born people that rose to great fame in the United States credit English-speaking movies as one of the top ways that they not only expanded their understanding of English, but they also were able to get to sounding a lot more natural than if they had just focused only on books.

Don’t misunderstand us here — books are still going to be very important. Magazines are still going to be important, and let’s not forget English newspapers. However, there is something magical about movies. You will probably find yourself truly appreciating the fact that you don’t need any subtitles in order to watch the movies that everyone else is watching. This can help build your confidence as you begin talking to more people and growing deeper in learning English. Good luck!