Finding the Courage to Talk One on One With Your Teacher

Are you looking for the courage to talk to your teacher? Relax — everyone has been there at one point or another during their educational lives. You just have to realize that the teacher is there to help you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school or college or even middle school. You need to ensure that you’re thinking about your education first and foremost.

Does this mean that it’s always easy to pull this off? Not at all. Some people feel nervous talking to the teacher because they don’t want it to get back to their friends. Others feel nervous because they really don’t want to let anyone know that they’re struggling in a subject. We think that we’re getting over on the teacher if we just don’t have a lot of one on one time with them. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. The teacher will know if you’re falling behind in a subject.

The big secret that we can let you in on? They definitely want to help you! They aren’t judging you — the only time where they might make an opinion is if you are truly struggling in a subject and you don’t go to get help. Tutoring is available at all grade levels for a reason. There’s never a reason to feel like you have to struggle and strain when you have your entire future ahead of you.

Being a good student is more than just coming to class every day. It’s about building a working relationship with your teacher. You definitely don’t want to think that it’s impossible to get ahead in class, right? Absolutely!

This is why it’s so critical to being the relationship early. The easiest way to make this happen is just to talk to them about everything that’s on your mind. That’s right — you should just be open and honest about all of it. It’s easy to think that they’re going to make fun of you, but you have to think about what they’re actually there to do.

Don’t ever think that people are automatically out to get you. That’s just isn’t going to be the case at all. You just need to believe in the goodness of other people. They might steer you wrong here and there, but teachers live for questions. You have to think about it from the right perspective. Doesn’t it make more sense to assume the best out of people? If you just assume that everyone is going to hurt you, then you’re always going to have your defenses up.

It is a great time to see when your teacher is available to you for a quick one on one session. Remember that you don’t have to make this a long drawn out affair. It can start out slow and become incredible later. Good luck!