How Much Can I Earn Teaching English in Thailand?

If you decide to become an English teacher in Thailand you aren’t going to become a millionaire! However you can earn a considerable amount of money compared to what Thai people earn. This means you can live very well in Thailand, enjoy yourself and have regular holidays!

If you’re thinking of getting a job in a government school you can expect to get a starting salary of between 30,000 – 35,000 baht per month. There may be added bonuses if you complete your contract extra. You will also earn that salary through the school holidays as well. If you have a 12 month contract that will also include the 3 month summer holiday.

If you are thinking of working at a private school on the other hand then you will get paid by the hour of by the period. Sometimes a period is only 50 minutes. When you are starting out you can expect to start at somewhere between 250 – 340 baht per hour. If you have a good TEFL certificate then you will be starting on over 300 baht per period.

Some private schools will give you extra money per period for teaching advanced classes and for teaching on the weekends. This can all add up to quite a bit of money. In fact during busy times of the year you can earn between 80,000 – 90,000 baht per month if you want to work all the hours you can.

The thing with working with private schools is that there isn’t always enough work. If you are a good teacher and the students like you then you will have a good constant flow of work. Some private schools will also offer you a contract as well if that’s what you’re after. This will guarantee a minimum number of hours work per month but will also mean that you can’t refuse classes if you don’t want them.

When you consider the cost of living in Thailand for foreigners you’ll see that you can live very well. If you work in a government school and part time at a private school you can earn a lot! Likewise if you work all the hours you can in a private school and do some online writing jobs between classes you can perhaps earn even more.

Living in Thailand is pretty cheap, especially once you get the hang of things. You can easily earn 30,000 – 40,000 baht per month. If you want to work as much as you can you could double that amount once you’ve got a bit of teaching experience.