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Don’t Skip Over Movies in English

Movies are an experience all to themselves. The more that you look into movies, the more that you are actually going to expand your English. That might sound odd, since movies are more about what’s going on screen than what’s being said. However, the two join forces to actually build the experience. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture around the English language, movies help you do that.

We’re not just talking about American movies, either. Australian, Canadian, and British movies also make a difference. It’s completely up to you to figure out how you will proceed in getting something done, but if you’ve been looking for something else that you can add to your experience, movies would definitely be it.

Obviously, not all movies will be created equal. You want to go with movies that have plenty if action to keep things moving, but you also want to have some dialogue. This will help you get into the characters better, so you know what they’re thinking and even feeling through the words.

If you want to use subtitles when you’re first starting out, that’s fine. However, you want to progress to a point where you don’t have to use subtitles at all. This will mean that you have no need of the “crutch” of subtitles. Keep in mind also that this will expand the amount of movies that you can watch. Unless you have a native language that has a common subtitle system (like Spanish, French, or even German), you may not have a lot of support for your native language in the movie world. That can end up with you missing out on a lot of great movies.

Many foreign-born people that rose to great fame in the United States credit English-speaking movies as one of the top ways that they not only expanded their understanding of English, but they also were able to get to sounding a lot more natural than if they had just focused only on books.

Don’t misunderstand us here — books are still going to be very important. Magazines are still going to be important, and let’s not forget English newspapers. However, there is something magical about movies. You will probably find yourself truly appreciating the fact that you don’t need any subtitles in order to watch the movies that everyone else is watching. This can help build your confidence as you begin talking to more people and growing deeper in learning English. Good luck!

English Newspapers Can Be Your Best Friend!

If there’s one way that you really can improve your English skills, it would definitely be to try to get as many English newspapers as you possibly can. It’s tempting to believe that you can just rely on magazines with very few pictures, but that’s only giving you a bit of culture, without the language. You have to go with the written word for a few different reasons. If you aren’t careful, you will end up only being able to speak good English, but you will not be able to write as well as you speak.

There is something that needs to be said about writing that’s actually quite powerful. You have to be able to communicate in words because there are so many facets of the English experience that are in written communication. If you ever have a problem with an American company, you will want to be able to correspond with them in writing because going on the phone doesn’t leave you a good “trail” to track the conversation. That’s something that you really need to make sure that you are following to the letter. A lot of people have lost a lot of money thinking that they didn’t really have to use written word — they could just use the phone to get everything done. Until you have to fight for your rights, you often forget how powerful the written word really is!

English newspapers are all about giving you the facts on the world around you. Not only will you be learning how formal English is written to some extent, but you’ll be learning more about culture at the same time. Reading the newspaper is definitely an American experience, and you will find quite a few people reading the newspaper as much as possible.

Are you getting at least one newspaper each day? They cost so very little and give you the feeling of actually integrating into the culture around you. It’s also a great time to be able to work in another conversation with someone that you don’t even know. Americans tend to be social, especially about something that they care about. If you really can get over any resident concerns that you have, you’ll find that it really is an experience you must check out.

English newspapers really can be your best friend — if you let them. What newspapers have you read lately? Have they helped you in your journey for better English? If not, we’d be interested to know your challenges at this time — just sound off in the comments!

Immerse Yourself in English!

There is always something to be said about immersing yourself in English. Whether you’re someone that wants to learn English as a second language, or someone else that wants to just be better at speaking and writing English, one thing is clear; the more that you’re exposed to English, the more likely it is that you will learn exactly what you wish to learn. You see, when the mind focuses on one thing, it truly soaks up a lot of information. You just need to ensure that you think about the type of path that you ultimately wish to take. There’s nothing wrong with trying to push forward and get things done, you know.

When it comes to immersing yourself in English, you have to think — do you live around people that speak English all of the time? If you don’t, it’s time to go out and make some English speaking friends that can talk with you all of the time. They will be more than happy to correct you and ensure that you are truly getting the “flavor” of English down pat.

Yes, it’s true — English has a flavor that native speakers seem to understand. That’s why there are inside jokes that are really just based on the awkwardness found within the English language itself. If you don’t get that flavor down through listening to native speakers or watching old English movies, you will not really sound as natural as you could.

This ability to sound natural can really give you the edge when it comes to college interviews or even job interviews. It’s going to mean that you focus on what’s really important, rather than jut slacking off on your goals.

There are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in English. If you have a group of native speakers of your language, you might want to go and see if they will talk English with you. This will give you the power to get “unstuck” just in case you run out of things to talk about. They can promote you in a language that you feel more comfortable, and then you can take things from here.

Overall, immersing yourself in English is always a good thing — you just need to make sure that you get started. It’s very tempting to think that you don’t have to really focus too much on the bigger picture, but that’s not the case at all. The more that you can focus the better results that you will get — good luck!

Finding the Courage to Talk One on One With Your Teacher

Are you looking for the courage to talk to your teacher? Relax — everyone has been there at one point or another during their educational lives. You just have to realize that the teacher is there to help you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school or college or even middle school. You need to ensure that you’re thinking about your education first and foremost.

Does this mean that it’s always easy to pull this off? Not at all. Some people feel nervous talking to the teacher because they don’t want it to get back to their friends. Others feel nervous because they really don’t want to let anyone know that they’re struggling in a subject. We think that we’re getting over on the teacher if we just don’t have a lot of one on one time with them. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. The teacher will know if you’re falling behind in a subject.

The big secret that we can let you in on? They definitely want to help you! They aren’t judging you — the only time where they might make an opinion is if you are truly struggling in a subject and you don’t go to get help. Tutoring is available at all grade levels for a reason. There’s never a reason to feel like you have to struggle and strain when you have your entire future ahead of you.

Being a good student is more than just coming to class every day. It’s about building a working relationship with your teacher. You definitely don’t want to think that it’s impossible to get ahead in class, right? Absolutely!

This is why it’s so critical to being the relationship early. The easiest way to make this happen is just to talk to them about everything that’s on your mind. That’s right — you should just be open and honest about all of it. It’s easy to think that they’re going to make fun of you, but you have to think about what they’re actually there to do.

Don’t ever think that people are automatically out to get you. That’s just isn’t going to be the case at all. You just need to believe in the goodness of other people. They might steer you wrong here and there, but teachers live for questions. You have to think about it from the right perspective. Doesn’t it make more sense to assume the best out of people? If you just assume that everyone is going to hurt you, then you’re always going to have your defenses up.

It is a great time to see when your teacher is available to you for a quick one on one session. Remember that you don’t have to make this a long drawn out affair. It can start out slow and become incredible later. Good luck!

Figuring Out Whether or Not To Live on Campus

If you’re thinking about whether or not you should live on campus, you’re in for a wild ride. You see, this isn’t something that has a definite “yes” or a definite “no” here. It’s all about what you make of it, how much money you have to spend, and where you will personally gain the best benefits. Some people thrive when they live on campus, while others get directed. Some people do better off campus, but others feel lonely and isolated. It just depends on the type of person that you are.

Keep in mind that at most universities, you will be expected to spend at least the first year on campus, unless you know of a relative that lives in the same city that you do. Getting permission to live off campus your first year is difficult, because they really want to encourage you to stay the course. In college terms, this means bonding and blending in with students that live on campus with you. It’s going to encourage you to attend class, because who really wants to end up getting behind on all of their classes just because they aren’t focusing the way they’re supposed to.

Still, it’s not an easy decision. You might want to stay off campus because of the lower cost of residency, but is that really going to keep you out of a lot of social activity? it’s not like you’re going to actually be barred from doing what you need to do, but the fact remains: you’re really going to need to ensure that you’re thinking carefully about anything and everything that can get you closer to the real finish line here. This means that going to events designed to expose you to key power players.

College is all about networking, which makes the on campus option a lot more likely to lead to your success. If you do decide to stay off campus, you’re going to need to think about how that decision impacts your choices. You can’t just expect everything to line up just because you’re making some decisions right. Always have an action plan if you’re really going to take this direction seriously.

What else would you be doing if you didn’t live on campus? Would you really have all of the resources you need? Sometimes when we don’t live right on the campus, we don’t reach for the things that we naturally need when we actually need them. You might procrastinate a lot more if you don’t live on campus.

Now, this isn’t to force you to go on campus when you really have other ideas for your life. It’s just to let you know that yes, you do have some options. Don’t get sucked into advertisements, because the college really does rely on a lot of housing costs to add to their monthly and yearly numbers. If you feel that’s the best environment for you, then you definitely want to check that out for yourself. On the other hand, if you would be much more comfortable looking at going off campus, then that’s what you should do. Good luck!

There’s a Whole World of Quality Services for Students

Need to take advantage of that student discount? There are a lot of services available to students. For example, Amazon Prime has a service just for students. You can get six months of Amazon Prime (2 day shipping is free) completely on the house as long as you’re a current student. If you have access to your college email account, you can join the program. That’s going to save you a lot of money and bring a wide selection of items to your door. Been dreaming about being able to actually order stuff from home without actually going home? Welcome to Amazon, my friend.

Now then, what about libraries? Just because your local library might be a little lacking doesn’t mean that you have to go without information. There are other libraries that open up their entire online databases to students from any school, provided that they sign up with their school email address.

Make sure that you hit up local restaurants and see if they have any type of student discount. You may need to show your student ID but who cares — saving money is worth it! It’s so easy to just mention that you’re a student. If a business doesn’t offer a student discount, see if you can get them to do so. It may earn them more business, because word of mouth spreads like crazy.

There is something to be said about knowing your limits. Not every service is going to be meeting your needs, so why mess with it? Remember — sometimes saving money means keeping it in your pocket!

Get a Study Group Together For Learning!

Trying to get a study group together to expand your knowledge of English has a lot of good benefits. Most people aren’t very good at motivating themselves, so others have to step in and do it for them. If you’re thinking about trying to expand your English skills, other people will often help you fill in gaps of knowledge that you’re struggling with. You just need to make sure that you’re thinking about it within these terms. It can be frustrating learning English. Even if you’re a native speaker just trying to improve your grasp of the English language, you can be in for a wild ride!

The power of getting a study group together is immense. From a psychological standpoint, you’ll find that if you surround yourself with people that have the same goals, you are a lot less likely to skip the group sessions. If you were just trying to learn on your own, you would end up giving up when the going gets tough because there’s nobody around to remind you of what you’re fighting for.

A study group can also focus its goals a little better than someone that isn’t in the study group, which is always a good thing. You just need to make sure that you think about how to help the other people in your study group.

Keep in mind that people are going to get discouraged in their journey. Learning better English isn’t always easy. You’re going to feel a little down yourself here and there. You can count on your study group to keep you going for a very long time. They’re going to make sure that you feel like you can meet your goal.

Staying realistic is also a good idea. Do you want to learn English better in a busy group? Probably not. Make sure that you’re not trying to study in a busy coffee shop where you can hear everyone’s voices. You will want to focus more on a quiet library where you will be able to talk quietly with your study group. The more peace and quiet that you have, the better off you will be on the whole.

There is also the presence of other people in terms of competition. People try to ignore this, but why lie — as humans, we love to compete. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. You don’t have to say anything to anyone that’s trying to learn English. Just study their progress. Can you beat them? Maybe it means that you read a few more newspapers than everyone else. Maybe it means that you watch English only movies more often. You just have to soak up all of the information that you can in order to learn better English.

Still stuck? Need more information on forming your first study group? Just let us know, we would be more than happy to help you. You can comment in the section below — good luck!

Give Yourself Time If Learning English Fluently Is Your Goal!

What does it really mean to be fluent in English? Well, if you’re a native speaker, that answer may be far different than someone that is really learning English as a second language. For the foreign student learning English for the first time, fluency can feel like something that’s very far away. You want to make sure that you pace yourself, because there are stiff consequences if you don’t. When we put too much pressure on ourselves to learn a certain task, we just end up getting deeper and deeper into a sort of depression. We think to ourselves that if we can’t master it now, when will we ever be able to master it? When will we ever be able to meet all of our goals? It can be difficult to feel as if you have the power to master something that you’ve never tackled before.

Of course, if you’re reading this right now you’re probably already learning quite a bit of English, so the phrases here might be straightforward. But how do you set goals with something that seems so vast?

The first thing you need to do is get someone to help you. You may have some fluency in English, but there’s always room to grow. You need to get used to thinking and speaking in English almost all of the time.

In addition, you want to think about the type of job that you want. How much speaking, reading, and writing in English is involved? Does it involve using your native language as well? Sometimes when we can go back to our native language occasionally we tend to feel better. However, if you don’t have a job that lets you do both, it’s best to focus on English as much as possible.

Another way to pace yourself is to make sure that you’re still using your native language around your own group of friends or relatives. You still need to keep up your regular culture, and that’s something that people often ignore. If you try to rush through everything, you’re going to get disappointed.

The culture that you came from is still very important. You just need to make sure that you’re focusing on the bigger picture more than ever. If you don’t, then you could start feeling like you’re losing the culture that you were born into.

English is a tool that can open doors, but it can’t replace the culture that you were born with. Only you can do that if that’s the path that you wish to take. Reflect on this as you learn English — it’ll help you keep your goals in check with reality!

Sight Words Matter

It’s not just enough to speak English these days — you have to be able to read it as well. Literacy is a huge thing in America. We have built our entire education system around being able to read appropriately. So if this isn’t something that you can do right now, don’t worry — it will be.

Let’s start with a fundamental part of the literacy process. Sight words are words that aren’t spelled the way they necessarily sound like they are spelled.

Examples of sight words include “laugh”, “carry”, “myself”, “never”, “better”, and “because”.

These are all words that have to be spelled a certain way. The key to fluency in English is to sound natural. Spelling is a natural thing, and English has a defined list of words that are spelled a certain way. If you aren’t careful, you will end up spelling basic words wrong. In job circles, that can get you negative attention.

Right or wrong, people will assume certain things about your background if you cannot spell basic words properly. On the Internet there are plenty that will tear you down just because you made a few typos on the keyboard. It happens to the best of us, but they will swear up and down that it will never happen to them.

In the meantime, you can improve your literacy, which will in turn improve your writing skills. The two are connected. Books help you learn what’s exactly what words look like what.

Don’t rush your literacy education at all — you will end up not being able to truly hold conversations in English that mean something. A lot of people that are new to learning English rush into the speaking part, and they ignore the reading part. If you want to get any type of job that means something, you will need to be able to understand, speak, and write in English. If you don’t have those skills, you will end up getting left behind.

We don’t want to see you get left behind, and that’s why this site is here. Looking at sight words is something that needs to be part of your journey — but it’s certainly not the destination. You still have a lot of steps to take before you can truly sit back and feel comfortable with what you’ve done up to that point.

We believe in you wholeheartedly, and if you have any type of concerns at this point, you should comment and let us know. We’re always thinking of new resources to help you in your quest to learn English as a second language. Good luck!

The Benefits of Learning English

Learning English is something that will benefit you forever — literally! If you’re not a native speaker, then learning English is a valuable job skill. It can help you get interviews where the other person doesn’t even speak your native language. If you become fluent enough in English, they will hardly be able to tell that you’re even from another country. If you have dreams of attending college in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada, you really do need to learn better English.

If you are reading this now, chances are good that you’ve gotten part of the way with your English education. Now it’s time to take it to the next level by moving forward.

That’s what this site is really all about — moving forward. You don’t want to get left behind by other people. English is something that more and more people are making the default business language of the world. If you aren’t fluent in English, then the rest doesn’t really matter, does it? You just have to look at your options, what you feel would be the best course of action, and then get people that can hold you accountable.

Yes, that’s right — there are so many benefits of learning English that you really need to make sure that someone is truly holding you accountable for what’s being done. You don’t want to just stop at a few words here and there. You want to be able to have a regular conversation with someone that has English as their native language. It’s also a confidence improvement — when you learn better English, you feel better as well. Most programs around the world encourage and emphasize the role English plays in our everyday life. There are those that disagree with the sentiment that English should be the world’s universal language, but there is some truth to that. The more English that you learn, the easier life will be overall as it relates to your goals.

Sometimes looking at why we do things helps us stay the course. When we’re tired and we wonder why we keep on going through the same challenges when it’s easier to quit, it’s moments like reading this article that can get out of feeling so down about everything.

We hope that you will ask plenty of questions that we can answer, and welcome you to use our site in your studies. Good luck!