Sight Words Matter

It’s not just enough to speak English these days — you have to be able to read it as well. Literacy is a huge thing in America. We have built our entire education system around being able to read appropriately. So if this isn’t something that you can do right now, don’t worry — it will be.

Let’s start with a fundamental part of the literacy process. Sight words are words that aren’t spelled the way they necessarily sound like they are spelled.

Examples of sight words include “laugh”, “carry”, “myself”, “never”, “better”, and “because”.

These are all words that have to be spelled a certain way. The key to fluency in English is to sound natural. Spelling is a natural thing, and English has a defined list of words that are spelled a certain way. If you aren’t careful, you will end up spelling basic words wrong. In job circles, that can get you negative attention.

Right or wrong, people will assume certain things about your background if you cannot spell basic words properly. On the Internet there are plenty that will tear you down just because you made a few typos on the keyboard. It happens to the best of us, but they will swear up and down that it will never happen to them.

In the meantime, you can improve your literacy, which will in turn improve your writing skills. The two are connected. Books help you learn what’s exactly what words look like what.

Don’t rush your literacy education at all — you will end up not being able to truly hold conversations in English that mean something. A lot of people that are new to learning English rush into the speaking part, and they ignore the reading part. If you want to get any type of job that means something, you will need to be able to understand, speak, and write in English. If you don’t have those skills, you will end up getting left behind.

We don’t want to see you get left behind, and that’s why this site is here. Looking at sight words is something that needs to be part of your journey — but it’s certainly not the destination. You still have a lot of steps to take before you can truly sit back and feel comfortable with what you’ve done up to that point.

We believe in you wholeheartedly, and if you have any type of concerns at this point, you should comment and let us know. We’re always thinking of new resources to help you in your quest to learn English as a second language. Good luck!