Teaching English in Thailand Without a Degree

There are still many ways of teaching English in Thailand without a degree. Although having a degree is required to obtain a work permit that shouldn’t stop you from getting a very good teaching job in Thailand. There are some risks of working without a work permit in Thailand, but that shouldn’t put you off. I’ve been teaching English in Thailand and without a work permit for over 10 years without any problems.

Is Teaching English in Thailand Without a Degree Still Possible?

Although the authorities have started to crack down in recent years you can still find plenty of work in Thailand. To make it a lot clearer for you, if all the teachers in Thailand without a degree suddenly left the country then that would be about 80% of all the English language teachers gone! The reason is that most people who spend 4 years getting a bachelors degree don’t decide to go and live in Thailand and teach English. They usually just stay in there home country and get a well paid job!

Why Is a Bachelors Degree Required To Get a Work Permit?

This is just the Thai authorities being stupid and making it difficult for foreigners to work in Thailand. Another reason is that in Thailand if you don’t have a degree you’re worthless. This is because the education system is so bad. In fact going to university in Thailand and getting a degree is roughly the same as finishing school in any western country!

Although I don’t have a degree I always tell my students I do otherwise they’ll think ‘how can this guy be my teacher when he doesn’t have a degree’. The truth is though it makes no difference and the real point is that if you can speak English then you can learn how to teach it.

Teaching English in Thailand – What Are Your Options?

Most of the top universities and government schools will want to see your degree. Because corruption is rife in Thailand the school may be able to get your work permit anyway depending on how well connected they are. If you have a very good fake degree then that will do the job however I don’t recommend that path!

You’ll be able to get a job in just about any of the private schools in Thailand as long you have done a TEFL course and can speak English fluently. From there as you gain teaching experience you’ll find that more job opportunities will come about. The first step is to get you TEFL certificate. If you have that then you’re a qualified English teacher and you shouldn’t even be worried that you’re teaching English in Thailand without a degree.

Teaching Without a Work Permit

Like I said if all the teachers who are Teaching English in Thailand Without a Degree and without a work permit were forced to leave then there would be a huge problem!

You can get a multiple entry tourist visa which lets you stay in the country for 2 months then extend it for 1 month after which you have to do a visa run to Cambodia and re-enter Thailand for another 3 months. This is common practice in Thailand and there are lots of organized tours you can go on. The visa run usually takes about 5 or 6 hours. You leave early morning and are back in Bangkok just after midday.

Personally I always get a 15 month non immigrant visa in the UK. I still have to do a visa run every 3 months but that’s just something that can’t be avoided. Money wise the cost of the visa run works out about the same as paying tax if you had a work permit.

As you can see, Teaching English in Thailand Without a Degree is possible. I do it and so do 80% of all the English teachers in Thailand!