TEFL: On-Location Training

If you don´t want to sit in a classroom in your home town and online distance training isn´t for you, there is another way to become certified to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). Once you´ve decided to make that move, to live in a foreign country and to teach English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), you will probably be itching to go and start your experience. But there’s one thing standing in your way: your TEFL certification. In the past that put the brakes on but now you can become qualified on-location by attending a TESOL school in your destination country.

On-location training enables you to begin your adventure right away. TEFL is a great way to fund International travel, provide valuable work experience and boost personal development, whether that is during a gap year, to seize the opportunity to travel after university or to sample a new career route. With on-location training you can set off on your journey straight away and train whilst you become accustomed to your new surroundings, find and organize long-term accommodation and, most importantly, ensure that the destination is right for you. All before entering into a longer term contract with a public school or private language school.

On-location training also enables you to attend job interviews in-person, which in some countries, (in particular, South America and Europe) is obligatory. Travelling to a country for a few weeks or more to solely secure a job, with the financial implications that come with it, can create a high pressure situation. At least if you do not secure a position right away, your time spent there will have been worthwhile, coming away with a TEFL certification and of course the experience of spending four weeks (course length) overseas.

An important (and compulsory) part of gaining of TEFL certification is to spend a specified amount of hours teaching or observing English language teaching in a real classroom. This is to gain practice and to overcome mistakes and confidence issues. The benefit of on-site TEFL training means you will be able to teach nationals of whom you will teach once qualified. Experience firsthand and understand the typical classroom dynamics, the day-time routines and school politics.

This will allow you to adapt during training and come more prepared for interviews and for when you start your first real teaching job. Completing those practical hours in your home country will not allow you get an insight into the culture or behaviors of the people you will be eventually teaching.

Europe: If you are planning to teach English in Europe there are many destinations where you will be able to complete training, search for a job and begin your travel experience all whilst you are in your new town or city. For example Barcelona in Spain, Toulouse in France, Florence in Italy or Istanbul in Turkey.

South and Central America

If you fancy teaching English to native Spanish/Portuguese speakers outside of Europe, most South American English teaching markets are booming due to their growing economies increasing the need for children and professionals to speak English. And here there are many opportunities to train on-site. Buenos Aires in Argentina, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Santiago in Chile and Guadalajara in Mexico all have TEFL training Schools available.


Backpacking and travelling in Asia, in countries such as Thailand and Vietnam has become increasingly popular in recent years making it a top destination for TEFL teachers. Before starting work it is great to have some time to explore and settle in and training on-site provides the perfect excuse. With TESOL Schools available in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Pattaya in Thailand, to name a few, this is made possible.

Choose your destination, pack your suitcase and book your flight as with on-location TESOL courses you can start your journey sooner than you thought!