There’s a Whole World of Quality Services for Students

Need to take advantage of that student discount? There are a lot of services available to students. For example, Amazon Prime has a service just for students. You can get six months of Amazon Prime (2 day shipping is free) completely on the house as long as you’re a current student. If you have access to your college email account, you can join the program. That’s going to save you a lot of money and bring a wide selection of items to your door. Been dreaming about being able to actually order stuff from home without actually going home? Welcome to Amazon, my friend.

Now then, what about libraries? Just because your local library might be a little lacking doesn’t mean that you have to go without information. There are other libraries that open up their entire online databases to students from any school, provided that they sign up with their school email address.

Make sure that you hit up local restaurants and see if they have any type of student discount. You may need to show your student ID but who cares — saving money is worth it! It’s so easy to just mention that you’re a student. If a business doesn’t offer a student discount, see if you can get them to do so. It may earn them more business, because word of mouth spreads like crazy.

There is something to be said about knowing your limits. Not every service is going to be meeting your needs, so why mess with it? Remember — sometimes saving money means keeping it in your pocket!